A clear vision drives #TheSet. The Chicago-born and Atlanta-raised artist—a.k.a. Kaine—taught himself how to do it all and immediately carved out a singular lane upon arriving in New York City in 2017.

A pronounced personal presence courses through every facet of his music.

“I sing, rap, produce, engineer, and arrange,” he exclaims. “That’s why I’m #TheSet. It’s a band that I’m a part of. There’s a whole vision.”

As a result, he ignites a signature “trap R&B” sound that’s equally cognizant of his ATL-ien hometown inspirations and a lifelong obsession with artists ranging from Stevie Wonder and Usher to Kanye West and J. Cole.  

He began quietly shaping that style back in high school.

“I never pictured myself being a firefighter, a doctor, or anything like that, but I could always see myself being an artist,” he admits. “I started to hear my friends rap, and I was like, ‘I know I can do better. Fuck it, I’m going to be a rapper.’ I decided to take a chance and go for it.”

Capitalizing on that chance, 2016 saw him begin uploading content to Soundcloud and stirring up an organic following; growing buzz under the radar to the tune of 3 million cumulative plays. This includes his 2017 project SummerVibes and follow-ups Feelings and I Just Hope You Understand.

During early 2018, he hit the studio to work on what would become his epic upcoming mixtape, #Stoned. In the booth, the artist opened himself up like never before over spacey and simmering beats, perfecting this singular “trap R&B” .

“You can learn more about me in one of my songs than you can by having a conversation with me,” he explains. “I speak through the lyrics better than I can in real life.”

Case in point is his first single “Dolo.” The sparse production offers an engaging backdrop for him to carry an irresistible melody to outer space and back, floating between soulful hooks and urgent bars. Lyrically, it’s as catchy as it is confessional.

“I realized you can get so many things done alone,” he goes on. “You can do it all DOLO.”

Elsewhere on #Stoned, he co-produced “Tap Out,” adding his own standout musical flare. #TheSet also cooks up an ethereal slow jam on “FWM”—short for “fuck with me.” Then, there’s “Freaky,” which hinges on entrancing R&B delivery and sensual energy.

As #Stoned intoxicates listeners everywhere and he preps his debut album UltraVibes, #TheSet maintains one goal in the end.

“I want to help people be aware they have to grow,” he leaves off. “I learned that, and it brought me here. I want to share it now, because I can.”